Author/Writer Review Invitation

Review Policy/Author’s Requests


Scintilla has a firm policy against negatively reviewing books. We do not get paid to do these reviews, and we have no desire to spend time reading or writing about books that do not add to our personal enjoyment. Not every book is created equally, and not every book appeals to us equally. But we deeply respect and admire the effort that goes into writing a book. If we cannot give a book an overall positive review, we simply will not review it.


We are open to author requests. The best way is to reach out to us directly through email: . We will do our best to accommodate requests, but we will need at least three months lead time if you have a specific timetable when for a review to be published (to correspond with a release date, for example).


We do not guarantee to review every book that comes our way. As we write this (in February, 2019), we have over 40 books checked out from our local library for possible review, along with a shelf of purchased books and several e-books. So many books, so little time! We will do as many as we can, but along with working jobs that actually pay real money we do have family and community responsibilities.


Books are a matter of taste. Dave usually reviews sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, mysteries, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Maria usually reviews cozy mysteries and children’s books. We both also give priority to supporting local (Pennsylvania, USA) writers. Typically we will not review romance, horror (with a few exceptions), self-help, and other books that are just not our thing.


If you want to let us know about your book, please do so! If we review it, we will promote the review (and your book) on our blog, our Twitter feed, and our Facebook page. We always appreciate it when authors spotlight us as well, but of course there is no obligation for you to do so.


Happy writing!