Blog Tour: Secrets of Peace, T. A. Hernandez

Book Review: Secrets of PeaceSecrets of Peace Book 1, T. A. Hernandez

Secrets of Peace

Thriller: Secrets of PeaceSecrets of Peace Book 1, T. A. Hernandez

Blog Tour February 27, 2024


Zira is young, petite, and deadly. An assassin for the government of PEACE, which rules over the remnants of the US and Canada, she is one of an elite group charged with eliminating drug lords, human traffickers, and seditious rebels who would disrupt the order and stability of the government. 


A mistake on a mission puts her job on the line. The chairman gives her one more chance. She has to work with a supervising partner, Jared, who is no more eager to work with this waif who messed up a kill than she is to work with him. 


As they work together and learn to appreciate the skills and character of the each other, deeper feelings emerge. Declaring their affection for each other means they can no longer be partners, but they do not have to hide their relationship any more. 


Zira’s return to solo work looks like an easy task. Three lightly-armed insurgents are holed up in a nondescript cabin near Anchorage. After surveilling the cabin for several days, she makes her move…and immediately realizes that the intelligence was wrong and her surveillance had not revealed everything she needed. 


Zira also begins to discover that a lot of other things are wrong about PEACE. But this journey of discovery comes with a very high potential price. Dissent from PEACE is forbidden, and the penalty is death. 


T.A. Hernandez puts us into a world that feels depressingly realistic. PEACE came to power to end a vicious world war. Much of North America was laid to waste. Cities were turned to rubble, farms were irradiated, millions in the US were killed – billions around the world. Against this destruction and suffering and chaos, PEACE offered stability, food and an end to war. All they required was blind obedience and acceptance of their terms.


Ben Franklin’s words echoed in my mind as I read this book: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


Our thanks to The Write Reads for our copy of Secrets of Peace, given so we could write an honest review. The opinions here are solely those of Scintilla. For other perspectives on this novel, check out the other bloggers on this tour. 


Secrets of Peace

Book Review: Secrets of PeaceSecrets of Peace Book 1, T. A. Hernandez

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