Book Spotlight: The De-Coding of Jo, Lali A. Love

Occasionally there are books we just can’t review for one reason or another, but those authors still deserve love. Below is a taste of a new book by Lali A. Love. Our thanks to Kelly from Love Books Blog Tours for our copy. If you are interested by what you read below, check out the rest of the book.


“The electric thunder of her pounding heart engulfed her eardrums. Fear seized her very core. Her whole body began to tremble, and as panic took a stronghold of her chest, the sacred fire burned in blazes of blue and pink hues. The heat began to rise, and smoke billowed throughout the space. Jo struggled to breathe, looking for ways to escape, but she was not alone. She noticed a loose beam over the fireplace, engulfed in flames and perilously teetering above this strange-looking man as he lay whimpering in his blood. With smoke-filled lungs, she made her way over to the stranger and dragged him toward the door, away from the imminent dangers. Intrinsically, Jo knew she had to save his Soul. Humanity depended on it. By some miraculous means, she tapped into her divine feminine power and began the induction of his soul bondage reversal. Jo summoned his DNA lineage to resolve the soul contracts that had hoarded violent masculine energy in his ancestry. She also chanted the revocation prayer removing all curses of past patriarchal systems and domination of the family unit. This broke the cycle of his family’s curse and past life agreements to set his soul free. The shadows of oppression emerged from this stranger in a grotesque and contorted hue of black smoke, emanating a sense of foreboding and dread. As the darkness was defeated, the demonic entities screamed in protest, exposing their ugliness by glaring into Jo’s eyes, threatening her Soul’s existence. Terror gripped her heart. Jo began fighting off the cold, evil clutches of these sinister shadows. She feared for her life as the intensity of high pitch shrieking enveloped her ears and her head with an explosive pressure until blood drizzled down her nose. BANG! BANG! BANG!”

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