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Book Review: The Road to Mercy, Shannon Ames Book 2, T.J. Brearton



road to mercy

Mystery: The Road to Mercy, Shannon Ames Book 2, T.J. Brearton

Blog Tour September 5, 2020


FBI Agent Shannon Ames still struggles with lingering injuries and PTSD from her first case, a serial killer apparently targeting members of the media. Now, a former federal prosecutor and her son have been brazenly kidnapped in broad daylight from the parking lot of a diner. The lawyer’s husband, a bitcoin trader, has taken their two younger children and is driving madly across the country. Is this two crimes or two parts to the same crime? What is the connection between these two events?


Because the woman was a federal prosecutor, the FBI is called in. Ames begins the investigation, which unlike her first case takes her across the country and back. She follows clues from upstate New York to Columbus, Ohio, then on to rural Kansas and Utah and finally California. As the case begins to come together piece by piece, one major question remains until the end: who is behind everything?


Like the first book in this series, author T.J. Brearton has put together an action-filled and tightly-written thriller. Shannon Ames is in many ways your typical fictional FBI agent. She is smart, brave, tenacious, and refuses to stop her relentless pursuit of the criminals. In other ways, though, she is quite unusual. She is a woman of faith, a faith that sometimes brings some mockery from fellow agents. She is able to acknowledge weakness: a physical limp left over from an earlier injury, PTSD from killing a suspect. In other words, she is a very well drawn character full of contradictions and personal foibles, much like any of us are.


This is a terrific series for thriller readers. A very relatable protagonist. A very well written story. An exciting and fast moving plot. And twists and turns that leave questions hanging until the very end. This author and this series are fast becoming must reads for me. Even when the only day available on the blog tour is a Saturday and we almost NEVER post on Saturdays! (That’s what I get for being slow to jump on my emails.)


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Our great thanks to Emma Welton of Damp Pebbles Blog Tours and to Inkubator books for our copy of The Road to Mercy, given solely for our participation in this blog tour. Check out the other bloggers participating for more opinions on this book. The opinion we share is solely that of Scintilla.


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road to mercy


Book Review: The Road to Mercy, Shannon Ames Book 2, T.J. Brearton

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