Welcome to Scintilla.info!

We love books and sharing our love of books with others. We want you to enjoy similar shared and interactive reading experiences with your reading community. We are a bookish lifestyle blog cultivating an idea and imagination inventory.

We want to be your experiential reading resource — that small spark that ignites your interests — connecting your reading to other books, movies, crafts, activities, recipes, and self-reflections.    

You will find Scintilla booklists, reviews, and author spotlights are divided into 4 broad categories of:

  • Books for growing & learning — nonfiction & reference
  • Books to nurturing & sharing — children’s literature & young adult
  • Books to enjoying & experiencing — fiction & literature
  • Resources to encourage & inspire — daily celebrations, words, quotes, and links

In the first category on Scintilla, books for growing & learning, you will find nonfiction and resources on topics such as cooking and crafts as well as science and current events. This section is for readers to feed both the mind and body with ideas and activities for thoughtful contemplation or personal development.

The Scintilla’s second category, books for nurturing & sharing, you will find books to engage with your family or children in your care with book recommendations.  We will cover books for all ages from infants & toddlers through young adults. This section is for cross generational interactive reading. There will be suggestions for before, during, and after activities for each the shared reading booklist. This section is great for parents, grandparents, and educators.

The next Scintilla category, books for enjoying & experiencing, you will find fiction in many genres. This section is for readers with eclectic tastes and large to be read piles. As readers, you will find books here to talk about with others, perhaps even discover your next book club read, even if your book club is a friend over coffee break or a friendly beach read buddy.

The final Scintilla category, resources to inspire & encourage, is a happy potpourri of bookish ideas.  Here, you will find posts on:

  • daily calendar celebrations (for example: author/illustrator birthdays),
  • little used words we want to rescue & use,
  • quotes on books and reading, 
  • informational links to enhance your reading experience, and
  • maybe a few of our favorite bookish finds.

Scroll through these for a quick pick me up or to gather bookish ideas. This section is for readers looking for interesting ideas with a bookish theme.

Scintilla.info believes that reading can be a positive shared experience and want to be a part of your reading community.

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