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About David @ Scintilla.info

I am a reader. Voracious. Eclectic. I am still proud of my childhood achievement in a Read-A-Thon competition: 86 books in a single month. And not just kids books. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was among the books I read that month. The Hobbit, too. I was among the top readers in that competition in the state of Colorado that year.

Of course, that was a LONG time ago!

I still read a lot, but doubt I could match that childhood attainment. I am most proud of what I have now: an amazing wife who has kept me around for over 30 years, three wonderful sons who are now young adults, and three incredible grandchildren.

I love people. Because of that love, I pursued a career in ministry where I believed I could make a difference in people’s lives. I hope I did, but found my journey taking me away from that path. My wife had the opportunity to pursue graduate studies, and she kindly agreed that the kids and I could accompany her to State College. We are still here, watching our children grow and loving the adults they have become.

Because of my amazing wife, though, I am writing for this website. On it, I will share what I am reading. Some of it will be just for fun. Some will be to highlight the work of authors I like and respect, possibly authors you don’t yet know (but need to get to know). And some will be to share things I believe in. You may agree with me. You may disagree with me. But I hope that you will look at the books, draw your own conclusions, and understand that I am always coming from a place of love for family, a love for learning, and a love for humanity.

I would love to hear from you. Email me at david@scintilla.info


About Maria @ Scintilla.info

Books are a big part of my life. I spent the last three decades switching work roles among the fields of early childhood education, family literacy, teacher professional development, and academia — reading books, sharing books, and teaching from books.  

However, my favorite reading community is my family — swapping library books, talking about books over dinner, and now reading to my grandkids. Some of my favorite memories include times we’ve read together and then extended that experience with activities similar in theme or topic to the book we just shared. My current goal is to find a Mary Poppins-style carpet bag for all the books and activities I take with me when I visit my granddaughters and grandson.

My favorite genres are young adult and children’s literature, especially picture books. However, I do have eclectic reading interests and will marathon read through piles of cookbooks, diy crafts, cozy mysteries, fantasy books, historical romances, Christian inspiration books, classics, and the occasional geeky reference books.

Feel free to email me at maria@scintilla.info


About Scintilla.info

We want you to enjoy similar interactive reading experiences with your reading community. We are a bookish lifestyle blog cultivating an idea and imagination inventory.

We want to be your experiential reading resource — that small spark that ignites your interests — connecting your reading to other books, movies, crafts, activities, recipes, and self-reflections.    

You will find our topics are divided into 4 broad categories of

  • Books for Growing & Learning — nonfiction & reference
  • Books for Nurturing & Sharing — children’s literature & young adult
  • Books for Enjoying & Experiencing — fiction & literature
  • Resources for Inspiration & Encouragement — celebrations, words, quotes, & resources

In the first category, Books for Growing & Learning, you will find nonfiction and resources in topics such as cooking and crafts as well as science and current events. This section is for readers to feed both the mind and body with ideas and activities for thoughtful contemplation or personal development.

The second category, Books for Nurturing & Sharing, you will find books to engage with your family or children in your care with book recommendations for infants & toddlers through young adults. This section is for cross generational interactive reading with suggestions for before, during, and after the shared reading; this section is great for parents, grandparents, and educators.

The next category, Books for Enjoying & Experiencing, you will find fiction in many genres. This section is for readers with eclectic tastes and large to be read piles; you will find books here to talk about with others, perhaps even discover your next book club read, even if your book club is just a friend over coffee break.

In this category, Resources for Inspiration & Encouragement, you will find memes to make you laugh, words to rescue & use, quotes to share, and links to look-up additional information — maybe a few of our favorite bookish finds. Scroll through these for a quick pick me up or to gather bookish ideas.

We believe that reading can be a positive shared experience and want to be a part of your reading community.

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