Blog Tour: Death in Bacton Wood, Ross Greenwood

Book Review: Death in Bacton Wood, The Norfolk Murders Book 3, Ross Greenwood

Death in Bacton Wood, The Norfolk Murders Book 3, Ross Greenwood

Mystery: Death in Bacton Wood, The Norfolk Murders Book 3, Ross Greenwood

Blog Tour May 7, 2024


Sometimes timing does not work out in your favor. DS Ashley Knight’s timing, for example, is awful. She has long been interested in an officer from another station, but he was unavailable. So she settled for a relationship that was physically enjoyable but not otherwise sustainable. Then, when the other person became available, Ashley herself was in a relationship.


This is very much a side plot to Death in Bacton Wood. We are not (at least I am not) reading it to see the plight of a lovelorn detective. Ashley Knight is far from a damsel in distress. She is among the leaders of a major crimes department in Norfolk, in charge of working with her team to break open the most difficult and the most heinous cases in the area. In this latest installment, Knight is dealing with a strange crime. A young man (who also had very poor timing) is in the hospital after being struck by a car. The driver had slowed down, unable to avoid hitting him but immediately coming to his aid and making sure he got medical attention. Major Crimes, and Knight, were not called because of those minor injuries to the young man. They were called because of everything else.


Hamish, the one who was hit, told a horrifying story, one that was backed up by his other injuries and the condition of his clothes. He remembered going out to a club with his best friend. He vaguely remembered leaving the club. The next thing he could remember clearly was waking up in a shallow grave with a door on top of him. Fortunately there was not much dirt on top of the door and he was able to escape the grave only to stagger in front of the car and get hit.


Knight arranges for a search of the area near the scene of the accident. They find Hamish’s grave, and more. There is another grave, this one much deeper, and the victim did not and could not have escaped. Then on a nearby beach, two more bodies were found. Although there were many differences in the way the victims had been killed, all of them along with Hamish showed signs of brutal torture prior to their deaths.


There is also a missing person. Hamish’s friend who went clubbing with him is missing. The friend was the son of a local wealthy businessman…and the brother of a suspected drug trafficker. Could these crimes have all been initiated by him to keep his people in line? Were they signs of an impending gang war? Whether either of those hypotheses were true or whether the motivation was something else completely, the Norfolk police need to crack this case before more people start getting killed.


There are two things in particular that I love about The Norfolk Murders series. The first one is the protagonist. DS Ashley Knight is very intelligent, a good leader, a dogged investigator, a solid friend, and a personal mess. Her life outside of work is chaotic and messy, but she sets that aside to be the consummate professional on the job. Her team works as a strong and cohesive unit largely because of Knight. Near the end of the book she observes that, “In some ways we didn’t solve this case. We merely chased it to its conclusion.” Knight is not a brilliant outside consultant. She is a sharp and committed and ethical officer who takes her job seriously and carries it out effectively.


The second thing that really stands out to me is the complexity of the plot. Rival gangs. A worried father with money to spare and influence in high places. Different MOs. No obvious motive. More red herrings than could be explained by their coastal location. Each of Greenwood’s plots involve a high level of planning, and are carefully unveiled piece by piece by piece.


Our thanks to Rachel Gilbey of Rachel’s Random Resources for our copy of Death in Bacton Wood by Ross Greenwood, provided for us to give an honest review. The opinions here are solely those of Scintilla. For other perspectives on this novel, check out the other bloggers on this tour.


Death in Bacton Wood, The Norfolk Murders Book 3, Ross Greenwood

Book Review: Death in Bacton Wood, The Norfolk Murders Book 3, Ross Greenwood

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