Book Review: Finding Solace, Karl Drinkwater

Book Review: Finding SolaceLost Solace Book 5, Karl Drinkwater

Finding Solace, Karl Drinkwater

Science Fiction: Finding SolaceLost Solace Book 5, Karl Drinkwater


Finally, Opal has her sister, Clarissa, at her side. Rescued from null space, then captured and rescued again from the galactic conglomerate that wants to study them, the two of them with the help of their AI friend Athene are ready to leave their part of the galaxy and find a new place they can call home, somewhere far beyond the reach of their enemies.


There are two major problems, though. One is that they must break through a wall of enemy spaceships to begin their escape. The other is they must return to null space in order to become impossible to follow or find.


Opal and Athene have become an inseparable team, together facing dangers that seemed insurmountable. Athene has saved Opal’s life more times than she can count. Opal has in many ways given Athene life, allowing her to transform from a ship’s Artificial Intelligence into a truly sentient being with dreams, ambitions, emotions–everything but a human-sized physical body. This relationship, a friendship deep enough to fairly call it love, can only go so far, and Opal must face her biggest tests without the help of her dearest friend.


Throughout this series, Opal has made it clear that she will do anything and everything to keep Clarissa safe. From stealing a ship in the first place to going against the might of the galactic corporatocracy to entering null space to find her missing sister, there is no hardship Opal won’t endure, no distance she will not travel, no enemy she will not defeat. Sometimes, though, it is not enemies who will oppose your goals. And sometimes, your enemies may not be as opposed to you as you think they are.


Whatever it takes, though, these sisters will fight their way through to stay together.


This may be the last of the Lost Solace books. If so, it is a fitting end to a thought-provoking celebration of filial love. Opal in particular is a memorable figure, both because of her indomitable will and her innate values. Author Karl Drinkwater has created a protagonist who is driven by love to do the impossible. In a literary world full of characters driven by ambition, greed, vengeance, or any number of other motivations, reading about someone compelled by a pure love for her little sister is refreshing in so many ways.



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Finding Solace, Karl Drinkwater

Book Review: Finding SolaceLost Solace Book 5, Karl Drinkwater

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