Happy Birthday!

Saturday, Scintilla turned 5 years old! On April 1, 2018, our first blog post went up. In case you missed it–and most likely you did since nobody knew about us–you can revisit it HERE. I’d love to say we marked our 5th birthday with cake and ice cream, candles and a party. However, since our friends come from around the world now, and since our computer reacts badly to food getting on it, we just spent a quiet day doing normal Saturday things.


This month we will mark our birthday with some different things. Some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue. (Oops, different celebration.) We will look back at some of our favorite books, posts, authors, etc. from the past five years. We will celebrate some of the authors, bloggers, and other friends and experiences we have gathered. And we will celebrate National Poetry Month in various ways.


Early in Scintilla’s life (as in, April 2, 2018), we posted a DEFINITION OF SCINTILLA that also served as a guiding principle for our blog. We wanted to be a spark. We don’t pretend to be more than we are. Our hope is to be a starting point, encouraging authors and inspiring readers to carry on. To at least a small degree, we have done exactly that. Maybe in the next five years we can do more.


So, Happy 5th Birthday to us. We are different now than we were in 2018. (We all are!) There are some things we like, some things we hope to change, some things we want to revisit, some things we want to revive. It’s been a fun ride so far. We are excited to see what the next five years may bring.


If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or just a Happy Birthday greeting, please comment below. Thank you for spending time with us.




David and Maria Marvin


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