Blog Tour: Fear or Favour, Ray Britain

Book Review: Fear or Favour, DCI Stirling Book 3,  Ray Britain

Fear or Favour, DCI Stirling Book 3,  Ray Britain

Mystery: Fear or Favour, DCI Stirling Book 3,  Ray Britain

Blog Tour February 22, 2023


I loved this book. I loved the plotting, the twists, the development of the characters, the writing. However, I don’t think I much like the main character, DCI Douglas Stirling. Nothing to do with the author–the character is fascinating, a sound and determined detective with unorthodox and possibly career-damaging methods who manages to tip-toe the line between conviction and destruction and end up sending criminals to prison. But he’s more than a bit of a cad. 


A man’s body is found in a nearby river. Stirling’s boss, Steph Tanner, suspects that this is a politically connected person even though he can’t be identified immediately, and insists that Stirling’s team take on the case. Stirling is breaking in a new subordinate, DI Marti Summer, and is not thrilled that a politically connected murder would be her first case in her new role. Still, when the boss says jump, you jump.


 Tanner’s suspicions prove to be right on the mark. The man was a former associate of a high ranking cabinet official, and as the investigation develops the detectives find that he was in possession of some highly compromising material on that cabinet minister. Adding to the pressures on the team, the British government has started the process of replacing their prime minister, and guess who is the leading candidate to take control of the government?


So, was the man murdered for political reasons? Financial reasons? Was he a blackmailer or was he being blackmailed? Why has MI5 (the British domestic intelligence ministry) taken such a keen interest? 


Just to keep life interesting, how is Stirling going to work out the complications mounting in his personal life?


Stirling is a fine detective with a strong moral code (in his detective work). He cannot be bought–one would-be bribe offerer left with a solid punch to the face and with the money he brought to the detective. He is determined to pursue justice without, as the police oath states, “fear or favour.” The case may reach to the highest levels of government, it may go against the political benefit of his own superiors, it may end up destroying his own career. If I need justice on my behalf, I want DCI Douglas Stirling on the case.


If I have a daughter of age, though, I would not want her anywhere near the man. He’s not violent or sexist or misogynistic. But he may be hard-wired to break hearts. I would not want to see that happen to my daughter.


Our thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things for our copy of Fear or Favour, given so we could review it as part of this blog tour. The opinions here are solely those of Scintilla. For other perspectives, check out the other bloggers on this tour.

Fear or Favour, DCI Stirling Book 3,  Ray Britain

Book Review: Fear or Favour, DCI Stirling Book 3,  Ray Britain

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