Four Years!

Four Years!


Do you remember that far off year 2018? There was no pandemic. There was an idiot in the White House. Britain was part of the EU. Ukraine was (mostly) at peace although Russia did control parts of Crimea and Donbas. And Scintilla was born.


Maria and I are still thoroughly enjoying our trip through bookland. We have found some amazing books, too many to try to highlight. We have become friends, at least online, with authors and bloggers from around the world. We have made some mistakes–OK, I (Dave) have made some mistakes and Maria has had to clean them up. We have learned, hopefully we are better every year, and we are still having a blast!


Some things have changed for us. We are both in new jobs, jobs that are much better fits for us (especially for Dave) than what we had four years ago. We have gotten involved in the local writer’s group and Dave has even become the coordinator for the group. We have found an amazing community, taken some delightful trips, and discovered that you can do new things in your 50s.


We now have three grandchildren (there were two when we started). Our youngest son is graduating from college this year. Our kids are now in the 20s and 30s. Life progresses. Scintilla has become an important part of our lives, opening doors that we never knew were even there, introducing us to a world that we always wanted to join but never knew how to get there. 


Perhaps someday we will have thousands of followers. Perhaps someday best-selling authors will request a Scintilla review for their book jackets. Perhaps someday we will take a trip to Saturn. All three of those seem unlikely. But we are not doing Scintilla for fame or fortune. Believe it or not, we have not discovered the secret to fabulous wealth through book blogging. What we have found is good friends, good books, and good times. Those are treasures that might even compensate for missing a trip to Saturn.

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