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Book Review: An Eye For An Eye, Carol Wyer


Mystery: An Eye For An Eye, Carol Wyer

Blog Tour February 1, 2021


Several years ago we went to the theater with some friends to watch The Sixth Sense. As we walked out of the theater past the line of people waiting to enter for the next show, we were kind of buzzing about the show and we–ok, I–nearly spilled the big reveal at the end. Fortunately one of our friends realized what we–I–was about to do and jumped in, loudly exclaiming, “And when the dinosaur attacked them I almost fell out of my chair!”


I feel like this after reading Carol Wyer’s An Eye for an Eye. There is one twist after another, new things being revealed all the way through, and then A DINOSAUR ATTACKED THEM.


OK, no dinosaurs. Just a really excellent mystery.


Detective Kate Young has been on leave for several months. She was a first responder to a massacre on a train. Images of the victims keep haunting her dreams and pursuing her waking thoughts. Pills and alcohol help her remain detached, though obviously they come with their own problems.


When a personal friend of her boss is murdered, he asks that she return to work early. He wants her to run the investigation. The man was zip-tied to a chair, tortured with an unknown device, asphyxiated mysteriously, and then had an eye removed. The M.O. has not been seen before. Why was the man tortured? What information was the killer seeking? Or were they punishing the man for some real or perceived act?


There are plenty of suspects. The wife. The gardener. The father or mother-in-law. The secretary. All of them have their reasons, none of them have solid alibis…but many questions remain for Young and her team.


Young herself is a big question mark. Is she up to the task? Will her reliance on prescriptions and alcohol impair her judgment? Or perhaps more accurately, how much will they impair her judgment? And most troubling of all, is there some hidden motive behind calling her back early? Could her superiors want her to fail?


Carol Wyer has created an engrossing plot, one that reveals information slowly, making the plot deeper and wider at the same time. We see Detective Young transforming through the course of the book. Things that seem obvious early on prove to be completely unreliable. As the book races toward its thrilling conclusion, we learn that Kate GETS ATTACKED BY A DINOSAUR.


Sorry. That was close. It’s hard to avoid spoilers.


An Eye for an Eye has the feel of leading into a series. I hope it does. Kate Young is an amazing character, her team is solid and interesting, and there are a lot of loose threads that are left to pull in future novels. I loved this book.


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Our thanks to Emma Welton of Damp Pebbles Blog Tours for our copy of this novel, given solely in exchange for our honest review as part of the blog tour. For other perspectives, check out the rest of the bloggers reviewing during the tour. The opinions here are solely those of Scintilla.



Book Review: An Eye For An Eye, Carol Wyer


2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: An Eye For An Eye, Carol Wyer

  1. I’m so sorry I’m late to this. Yesterday was chaotic and I’ve only just caught up with my thanks.
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading your review. I hooted with laughter at the dinosaur comment. Honestly, the funniest review I’ve read in a while.
    Hugest of thanks for taking part in the book tour, for loving Kate and for starting the tour off with a proper bang – or should I say roar?

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