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Book Review: Six Feet UnderTerry Bell Mystery Book 4, Colin Garrow


six feet under

Mystery: Six Feet UnderTerry Bell Mystery Book 4, Colin Garrow

Blog Tour November 13, 2020


My favorite crime solving cabby is back in another mystery from the talented Colin Garrow! Terry and his delightful and indomitable girlfriend Carol are on the case.


Terry’s sister has decided to sell her ex-husband’s business. She wants Terry to reach out to the people who had seemed interested in buying it, but who had been out of contact for a few days. Terry visits their home, where he learns that the owner of the business had recently been killed in a car accident. The widow recognizes Terry as the cabby who also works as a private investigator, and she hires him to look into her husband’s death.


Terry and Carol begin to think it may just be an accident, but then a black BMW begins following Terry around town. People close to the deceased man are attacked, then Terry himself is assaulted. Finally, even the skeptical detective Charis Brown is persuaded that something is going on.


Secrets are buried in both time and earth, and some people will work hard to keep them buried permanently. But when some of those secrets threaten the British government, then things get very dangerous indeed.


Terry Bell is hardly your typical detective. He is a cabby. He is not highly educated. He does not speak with polish or dress with panache. Still, he is intelligent, dogged, and blessed with a companion in Carol who is every bit his partner. It might be nice if the detecting business paid better, but there’s always the cab to help make ends meet.


This series seems to get better and better. The mysteries are becoming more involved, the characters are getting deeper and more complex, and the writing remains sharp and lively. Terry Bell may not be your typical detective, but together he and Carol make a formidable pair. Crime does not pay when this cabby is on the case.

Our thanks to Emma Welton of Damp Pebbles Blog Tours for our copy of this book, given solely for our participation in this blog tour. For other perspectives of this book, check out the other bloggers on the tour. Also check out our reviews of the previous Terry Bell mysteries, which are linked below. This review is solely the opinion of Scintilla.


six feet under

Book Review: Six Feet UnderTerry Bell Mystery Book 4, Colin Garrow

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