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Book Review: Deadline, Geoff Major

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Thriller: Deadline, Geoff Major



What do a violent car crash in 1971, a home invasion in 2012, a fading journalist, and a cop with her own secrets have in common? Deadline by Geoff Major answers all of those questions and many more in a riveting novel that kept me guessing almost to the last page.


Adam Ferranti has seen better days. A talented journalist with an eye for a “doozer” of a story, he has exchanged his high flying career with the Washington Post for a column in a Yorkshire paper and a seemingly endless supply of Jack Daniels. But the story of all stories falls into his lap when an unknown caller with information about murders committed and yet to be committed rings him up.


Detective Sergeant Stephanie Walker is good at her job. Very good. She is not so good with her marriage. Her husband has become abusive and DS Walker is struggling to hide the truth from her colleagues. A woman cannot show weakness in the man’s world of the police department.


When Ferranti brings his call to Walker’s attention, the sparks begin to fly. The two of them take an almost instant dislike to each other. But as the information pans out and the bodies begin to add up, they forge a working relationship that allows them to proceed with the investigation.


I’m going to stop there, other than to say the investigation has national security implications for both the UK and the US. Ferranti is a complicated character and his history means a lot more to the story than is immediately apparent. But saying almost anything else would give away too much information, and this novel guards its secrets almost to the end.


Geoff Major has come up with a brilliant story. Complex, full of twists and turns, an ending that is dramatic and (at least to this reader) unexpected. Deadline is a mystery, a thriller, a fascinating look at the mind of a master criminal, and very entertaining. I finished it in just a few hours, pulled in by the plot and the characters. I highly recommend it.


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Our thanks to Emma Welton from Damp Pebbles Blog Tours for our copy of the book, given in exchange for our review in participation of this tour. The opinions are solely those of Scintilla. To get other reviews of Deadline, check out the other bloggers participating in the tour.


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Book Review: Deadline, Geoff Major

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