Two Whole Years!

Two Whole Years! … and Counting!


Two years ago, April 1, 2018, made her debut. In those early days we suspect that the only people who saw our posts were the friends and relatives that we begged to read them–or in some cases, where we left it up on their work computers when they stepped away.


We are not at Kardashian-level popularity yet, but neither are we at Kardashian-level drama so we have that going for us. Our stats do show fairly steady growth over the last year, from roughly 20-30 views on an average day to almost 100 views regularly now. Occasionally we even pop up to almost 200 views, but who’s counting more than 5 times a day?


The most significant change we’ve made during the last year has been participating in blog tours. That has introduced both to some amazing new books and authors, but also to a wonderful community of other bloggers who have been encouraging and supportive of our efforts.


Our posts have changed somewhat. Due to health issues, Dave has written the majority of them which means mostly grown-up books. (I almost said “adult” books, but we don’t actually review erotica.) Hopefully Maria will be returning to writing again soon, featuring the Recipe & Review, Tea-Time with _____, Reader Roadtrip, and children’s book posts that were very popular during our first year.


As we begin our third year, we cannot escape the way our world is changing around us. Right now David is working his regular job from home as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world. Our youngest son is home from college at least until the fall semester. Our middle son works at a local grocery, so his job is both secure and (for his parents) a bit scary. We’d love to say we have the perfect selection of books for comfort reads during this time. We don’t. We’re figuring things out just like everyone else. Despite the challenges, we intend to keep reading, keep writing, and keep trying to connect people and books.


Thank you, readers. We appreciate you. We are thankful that you made time to visit our little blog. Please, leave comments, send us emails, let us know if you’re ever in State College, PA. Just, don’t drop in until the virus has run its course!




Maria and David Marvin



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Two Whole Years! … and Counting!

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