Book Review: The Sixth Wicked Child, J.D. Barker

Book Review: The Sixth Wicked Child, A 4MK Thriller Book 3, J.D. Barker

the sixth wicked child, j d barker

Thriller: The Sixth Wicked Child, A 4MK Thriller Book 3, J.D. Barker

The Fourth Monkey Killer, or 4MK, has terrorized Chicago for years. Detective Sam Porter has been trying to catch him, to the point of chasing leads across the country and even defying orders to stand down. But Anson Bishop has arranged things to make it look like Porter himself may have something to do with the murders, and he is being held by the police and the FBI while the investigation continues.


Or, is it possible that Sam Porter actually is 4MK? Could Anson Bishop truly be innocent, framed by a rogue and demented officer?


Bodies continue to pile up, each of them with the signature gruesome removals of one eye, one ear, and the tongue, and each of them with an additional calling card, a note saying, “Father, forgive me.” Could one person be doing this? Are Bishop and Porter working together? Are there others involved? The questions mount as fast as the body count.


J.D. Barker concludes his 4MK trilogy with The Sixth Wicked Child, a taut thriller that I could hardly put down. Twists and turns in every chapter, danger and suspense page after page, with a satisfying conclusion that answers almost all of the questions raised by the previous two books in the series.


I love the way that Barker leaves certain things unresolved until almost the final page. Sam Porter may be guilty or may be innocent…but his past is shrouded in enough mystery that sometimes he even questions himself. Bishop may be guilty or may be innocent…and his diaries may be true or may be false, or may even be forgeries concocted by Porter. Regardless, some of the answers to the present lie in the secrets of the past, and uncovering those is going to be a killer job.


The 4MK trilogy is full of tension and suspense, at times gruesome and unrelenting in its pace. Again, trigger warnings to those who are sensitive to gore and death because this book has plenty of both. Definitely an exciting read for anyone looking for a thriller that keeps your adrenaline flowing from beginning to end.

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the sixth wicked child, j d barker

Book Review: The Sixth Wicked Child, A 4MK Thriller Book 3, J.D. Barker

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