Booklist: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Booklist: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

We at have had the privilege of reviewing many books by people whose heritage and ancestry hails from the world’s largest continent. Although this month is specifically devoted to the celebration of Americans who count Asia and the Pacific Islands in their genealogy, we are going to include other Asian authors (i.e. those who are citizens of Asian, European, or other non-US countries) in our list so as to make it as inclusive as possible.


Our apologies to anyone we’ve missed in this list. Asia is a large continent! In many families, including ours, family names do not adequately reflect ancestral homes so we did not rely exclusively on that. If someone should be on this list, please let us know and we will correct it. Any errors or omissions are entirely our fault.

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Curtis C. Chen — Waypoint Kangaroo and Kangaroo Too


The Art of Logic in an Illogical World, Eugenia Cheng How To Bake a Pi cover

Eugenia Cheng — The Art of Logic in an Illogical World and


How to Bake Pi: An Edible Exploration of the Mathematics of Mathematics


Amy ChuaPolitical Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations



Michio Kaku — The Future of Humanity


The Poppy War: A Novel

R.F. KuangThe Poppy War


0756410843 Heroine’s Journey, Sarah Kuhn

Sarah KuhnHeroine ComplexHeroine WorshipHeroine’s Journey


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Kevin KwanCrazy Rich Asians trilogy


The Incendiaries, R. O. Kwon

R.O. KwonThe Incendiaries


Fonda LeeJade City and Zeroboxer


Liu CixinBall Lightning


Ling MaSeverance


Little Fires Everywhere, Celeste Ng

Celeste NgLittle Fires Everywhere


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Vaddey RatnerIn the Shadow of the Banyan and Music of the Ghosts


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Thaddeus RutkowskiBorder Crossings and Violent Outbursts


Somini SenguptaThe End of Karma: Hope and Fury Among India’s Young



Vandana SinghAmbiguity Machines and Other Stories


Tales from the Inner City, Shaun Tan

Shaun TanTales from the Inner City


Booklist: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

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